Mark Levin: House bill repeals only 10 percent of Obamacare

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin says  the House "repeal" of Obamacare repeals only about 10%.  He made the following points on his show on Thursday: 1) Some Obamacare taxes are repealed.  Hooray! 2) The government will pay $138 billion to cover people with "pre-existing conditions," a fancy name for people who refuse to get health insurance until they get sick and then expect you, the taxpayer, to pay for their health care.  One hundred thirty-eight billion dollars is a lot of money. 3) The federal government will continue to pay all costs of new Medicaid patients until 2020.  That gives states incentives to continue to sign up more and more people for Medicaid, a program that is rapidly becoming unsustainable. 4) It is still illegal to sell insurance across state lines.  Competition across state lines would have helped keep premiums down.  Now that will not happen. 4) The insurance mandates are not...(Read Full Post)