Major League Baseball tries to reduce balls

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar has been suspended for two games for shouting an "anti-gay slur" at Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte during an angry outburst.  In other words, he used a word – which apparently is now officially and for all progressive time "the f-word," equivalent to "the n-word" – to attack the masculinity of another player, on the implicit grounds that being an "f" is less masculine than being a non-"f." That is to say, he has been suspended because he shouted a word that men and boys have long used in heated arguments to demean the manliness of a rival – one that, like all such words in this age of enlightened hypersensitivity, must remain unspoken, even in news reports of stories hinging upon its very use.  And to top it off, Pillar has been fed a Major League Baseball-approved apology to the universe for having used language disturbing to LGBTQ hearts everywhere...(Read Full Post)