Into the heartland

Rumors of my death are exaggerated.  The reason my wife Mary and I dropped off the face of the earth is because we have not had internet for almost a week, which, as y'all know, feels like an eternity.  We drove up from Florida to close on our new home in a tiny West Virginia town, population 500.  Why? To move close to our parents and family. The drive up from Florida was quite interesting.  The number of Trump signs on display in yards, on rooftops, and on billboards tells me Trump has connected with everyday Americans like no other president before him. It seemed that every time we pushed the search button on our radio, another faith-based station came up.  While fake news media would like us to believe they have successfully killed traditional American values, wholesome values are alive and well in the heartland. My wife's brother-in-law said when it snows, his neighbor plows out the road for everyone with his tracker.  Mail is...(Read Full Post)