Influential lefty journo admits 'internal sickness' of Dems

Matt Taibbi has carved out a position as a provocative and honest progressive journalist, as well as a vivid and entertaining writer.  Writing at Rolling Stone, he enhances that reputation by being bluntly honest (from his perspective) about why the Democratic Party has fallen to its weakest electoral standing since 1929.  He disdains both President Trump and the Republicans, so his mission is to understand how it is possible to lose to such reprobates.  He writes: The unspoken subtext of a lot of the Democrats' excuse-making is their growing belief that the situation is hopeless – and not just because of fixable institutional factors like gerrymandering, but because we simply have a bad/irredeemable electorate that can never be reached. This is why the "basket of deplorables" comment last summer was so devastating. That the line would become a sarcastic rallying cry for Trumpites was inevitable. (Of course it birthed a political...(Read Full Post)