How did Obama's programs help minorities?

Yesterday, there was an article by the Associated Press splashed all over, including the one in my local paper titled "Minority Advocates say Trump Budget will hurt their causes." From the article: His $4.1 trillion spending plan for the budget year beginning Oct. 1 generally makes deep cuts in safety net programs, including Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program and Social Security's Disability Program[.] Notice that the programs they cite are programs that create dependence on government, not programs that create economic growth or independence.  In the article, you will not see actual amounts spent in 2017 versus 2018 because the budget is actually up in most places, including Medicaid.  What you see is Trump ten-year projections versus Obama's ten-year projections.  Why don't the AP, Democrats, and the rest of the media show actual numbers?  The answer is because they couldn't generate outrage...(Read Full Post)