Election debates embarrass the Iran regime

It appears already that fierce internal disputes among Iranian regime officials have risen to new levels during the first two 2017 presidential debates held on April 28 and May 6.  Iranian president Hassan Rouhani repeated his strong remarks against the camp loyal to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  However, a close review of the debates sheds light on the truly disastrous conditions inside the mullahs' regime. At first, one-on-one debates were canceled, and steps were taken to call off all live debates.  Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli went so far as to say, "Our security is more important than the election." But sensing the need to inject new life into the election and encourage people to participate, the regime put the debate broadcasts back on schedule.  Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called for a high voter turnout, saying whom the people vote for is "not important." Of course, knowing the nature of this regime, one cannot rule...(Read Full Post)