Cyber-experts wary but hopeful that ransomeware attacks subsiding

Cyber-security experts were braced for the beginning of the business week, believing that the ransomeware attack begun on Friday would get worse as the criminals came up with variations on the wannacry virus to defeat efforts to rid computer systems of its effects. But so far, so good.  It looks as though the attacks are subsiding and the patches designed over the weekend are working. CNNMoney: "The number of infected computers has not increased as expected, which is a success," European law enforcement agency Europol said Monday. Analysts had feared that the attack, which started spreading on Friday, could accelerate as workers returned to their desks after the weekend and turned on compromised machines. But the aftershocks have so far been mild. "People may have updated their security systems over the last hours," Europol said. Europol estimates that the attack has hit at least 150 countries and infected 200,000 machines. Hospitals,...(Read Full Post)