As usual, liberals dominate college commencement addresses

Lest anyone remain unsure of the political polarization expertly nurtured and promulgated by the left in the wake of the Trump victory, look no farther than America's colleges and universities.  Lauded as incubators of free speech and expression since the 1960s, campuses across the nation are failing to promote diverse opinions when viewpoints are conservative.  An excellent case in point is U.C. Berkeley. Widely regarded as the birthplace of the free speech movement, recent high-profile attempts to silence controversial ideas highlight just how narrow-minded higher education has become.  In February, U.C. Berkeley had to cancel an appearance by right-wing commentator and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos after 150 masked agitators violently protested and caused $100,000 in damage.  Last month, U.C. Berkeley canceled an appearance by well known author and commentator Ann Coulter over fears of potentially violent protest and forced...(Read Full Post)