A conspiracy of leaks, the perversion of truth

The American left has been afflicted by a serious and complicated illness: denial of reality combined with the invention of and surrender to every wild conspiracy theory that the media invent, propagate, and exaggerate to undermine Trump.  So shocked by their candidate's loss in the 2016 election, they have devolved to the wholesale embrace of a witch hunt worthy of the 1600s.  They believe that Trump is an illegitimate president, despite his clear electoral victory,  and so spend their days in the conviction that the election results can and must be overturned.  They are determined to make that happen, no matter how deep into the sewer they have to descend.  Look no farther than mentally challenged Democrat Maxine Waters and her fellow anti-Trump congresspersons who have been calling for his impeachment since the day he was inaugurated.  For what, they never clearly articulate.  Now, there's a theory: you are the minority in...(Read Full Post)