What Ivanka wants, Ivanka gets

"Donald Trump must get those kids out of the White House," a blunt South African observer of our politics barked at me, weeks back.  "You're looking more and more like us."  She was alluding to the nepotism on display in the Trump White House. Since the president started strafing Syria, it has become evident that Trump's favorite offspring needs to be booted from the People's House.  The British press, more irreverent than ours, seconded the broad consensus that Ivanka had nagged daddy into doing it.  For The Kids: The First Daughter was, purportedly, devastated by the (unauthenticated) images of a suspected gas attack in Syria. Brother Eric Trump confirmed it: "Sure, Ivanka influenced the Syria strike decision."  White House spokesman Sean Spicer didn't deny it. Eric had headed back to the Trump Organization, as he promised during the campaign.  Ivanka just wouldn't...(Read Full Post)