Time to tell the truth and split these 'Russia investigations'

The "Russia Investigation" is a mess and, increasingly, a sham.  The merging of multiple, disparate investigations has muddied the investigations themselves and has allowed the left to draw conclusions; Trump colluded with Putin, from, Russia hacked our election. In a previous blog post, I suggested that Democrats show collusion or shut the heck up. With the reporting that Susan Rice sought to unmask Donald Trump, and people associated with his campaign, it is my estimation that Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or whoever has the authority needs to take the steps to unlink the "Russia investigation." There are three distinct investigations.  Going forward, each investigation should have to prove that it has something of significance to pursue. Russia's hacking of our election.  It was reported this past week that the Obama administration had evidence of "hacking" early last summer.  They...(Read Full Post)