The Wall as explained by the law of mass action

Sometimes, things are that simple. In chemistry, there is a simple but profound law that all first-year students learn: that matter at high concentrations automatically diffuses toward matter at low concentrations.  In biological systems, it can explain a lot of what goes on. It apparently also holds for social systems.  Consider – if Country A has well developed social support (welfare) systems and exists alongside Country B, which has very little such safety net systems, guess where inhabitants will migrate.  If you are poor in Country B, you are naturally drawn toward Country A – why wouldn't you be?  But one has to ask, can Country A's social systems absorb all of Country B's (and C's, D's, and E's) disaffected and still offer the same beneficent social support systems to its own poor?  This is the very situation that the U.S. (Country A) faces along its southern border (and others)....(Read Full Post)