The Russians are Nicaragua?

Put Bruce Springsteen in your 1985 Ford Taurus C.D., because the 1980s are back! Remember Central America and communists meddling in El Salvador and Nicaragua?  Well, we are not sure what Mr. Putin is doing in Nicaragua these days.  We can safely assume that he is not promoting U.S. interests. According to Joshua Partlow, visitors to Guatemala are speaking Russian again: On the rim of a volcano with a clear view of the U.S. Embassy, landscapers are applying the final touches to a mysterious new Russian compound. Behind the concrete walls and barbed wire, a visitor can see red-and-blue buildings, manicured lawns, antennas and globe-shaped devices.  The Nicaraguan government says it's simply a tracking site of the Russian version of a GPS satellite system.  But is it also an intelligence base intended to surveil the Americans? "I have no idea," said a woman who works for the Nicaraguan telecom agency stationed at the...(Read Full Post)