The real culprits behind the human waves of migrants

So what's behind the sudden deluge of migrants flooding Europe? According to the Italian prosecutor's office, it's non-government organizations, seeking to keep a problem boiling in order to win more funds, funds, funds for all their supposed do-goodery.  It's not at all different from a fireman who sets fires in order to put them out and find himself hailed a hero.  Or a wicked stepmother who poisons her child in order to win sympathy for all her heroic caregiving. The BBC reports: An Italian prosecutor says he has evidence some of the charities saving migrants in the Mediterranean Sea are colluding with people-smugglers. Carmelo Zuccaro told La Stampa (in Italian) phone calls were being made from Libya to rescue vessels. Organisations involved in rescue operations have rejected accusations of collusion, saying their only concern is to save lives. Italy is the main route for migrants trying to reach Europe. Almost 1,000...(Read Full Post)