The Obamas' nonstop jet-setter vacay continues. Sorry, Sasha.

Continuing on in their new life as rich wastrels mooching off left-wing billionaires, the Obamas have continued their quest for nonstop vacation by posing for pictures on a $300-million luxury yacht owned by Hollywood bigshot David Geffen in Tahiti.  The A-listers were there with them: Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey on their longest of spring breaks on Marlon Brando's hideaway resort.  Not exactly a hideaway, given that the Daily Mail has the story and photos.

I suppose they have a right to do it, and if Geffen wants to waste his money this way, no doubt in expectation of a future payoff when the next Democrat is elected, one supposes that this is their prerogative.

What's unseemly is how different it is from the picture they painted of themselves leaving office.  President Obama said he intended to stay in Washington for the time being, renting out a luxury house in tony Kalorama – not to continue to politically meddle, he assured, but to ensure that his young daughter Sasha, now a high schooler at the exclusive Sidwell Friends Academy, got as much of a normal childhood as she deserved and could complete her high school without too much family trauma.  Get a load of this treacly account here.

Turns out that those needs went by the wayside now that David Geffen's yacht beckoned.  The house, it turns out, seems to have been an abode for onetime Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett, who actually lives and cooks up political meddling plots there.

The other unseemliness is that Obama made a big deal about public service being his post-presidency operating plan, serving others, returning to his community organizer roots, helping mentor young black men.  Last December, he vowed to do the work of "My Brother's Keeper" for life.  Well, what's that promise compared to David Geffen's yacht?

I couldn't care less if they want to be rich wastrels and get their pictures in the tabloids.  But it's impossible not to be disgusted with how they marketed their exit originally to the public as so much selfless service and giving.  The only people they are serving are themselves.

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