Trump soars in the polls...but don't tell Dan Rather

President Trump is soaring in the polls this week, according to a new one out taken by Rasmussen, reaching a 50% approval rating.

Rasmussen doesn't give a reason, so the best clue out there is to consider what has changed in the past week.  Was it bureaucratic infighting at the West Wing?  Was it the White House Easter Egg Roll?  Was it the ascent of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court?  Probably some of those things helped.  But the real news was in Trump's decisive military action – first in the Syrian airstrike, second in the release of the Mother of all Bombs on ISIS's cave fighters in eastern Afghanistan, and third in the news of possible U.S. hacking of North Korea's missile launch, which failed terribly and will send innumerable minions of dictator Kim Jong-un to his infamous shark tank.

It all seems to have gone over well on the military front, and that is driving Trump's polls higher.  Americans want the terror war to be over – it's always been a number-one security priority with the public, and President Trump, unlike his predecessor, is taking them there.

But wait.  It's "way too early" for people to be praising President Trump for dropping bombs, according to chin-stroking former CBS newsman Dan Rather.  The problem, he intoned, is that journalists tend to "rally around the flag."  According to Mediaite:

Rather said most journalists (himself included) "do have that tendency and we should fight it more often."

Why?  Because it might make Trump's poll numbers go up, Gunga Dan?  Keep on chin-stroking...

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