The Kansas special election and the media's canards

Last Tuesday, there was a special election in Kansas with no incumbents, and the Republican won only by 8%.  As a result, the media gave the standard warning that Republicans had better worry about 2018.  These warnings have occurred continuously since at least 2006, when Democrats took over the U.S. House and Senate, and will certainly kick into high gear if Republicans lose the open seat in Georgia soon. I remember that after the 2008 election, when Obama won and Democrats held on to the House and Senate, the media and others warned Republicans that they had better move left, or they would never win again.  Instead the Republicans moved right with the formation of the Tea Party and won over 600 seats nationwide in 2010.  Not once did I hear the media say Democrats must move right in future elections.  Most of the media reports indicated that the reason Democrats lost was because they didn't get their message out. Obama won again in 2012,...(Read Full Post)