The 'Deep State,' Ecuador-style

Ecuador is bitterly divided over the presidential election last Sunday.  Some experts are saying Ecuador is bucking the movement to the right that we saw in Argentina and Brazil.  Frankly, I would not jump to conclusions about an election that half of the country is not accepting.  There are some rough days ahead for this little country in South America. Down in Ecuador, we saw protests again: Supporters of Ecuadorean opposition leader Guillermo Lasso gathered in the streets for a second night Monday to protest what they consider fraud at the ballot box that tilted a presidential runoff in favor of his leftist rival. Sunday's razor-thin election win by ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno bucked the trend of right-wing electoral victories in South America following 15 years of leftist domination.  Even as calls from Latin American governments congratulating Moreno poured in, Lasso, a conservative banker, vowed to keep up the fight against the...(Read Full Post)