Student rep resigns; cites 'hostile environment' of white males

A representative for the Hamilton College student assembly has resigned citing a "hostile environment" created by the 11 white males who are part of the 30 student governing body.

Daily Caller:

“During last week’s meeting, many student representatives countered my argument that ‘the vast majority of members are white, straight, cis, upper-class men,’ by stating that 11 out of the 30 members are white men,” said Barnes. “While my assumption that these white men are also straight, cis, and upper class may be wrong, many people on campus perceive that Student Assembly is controlled by white males.”

“This is because the majority of the conversation in Student Assembly meetings is dominated by those 11 people.”

"Dominated"? Not really.

Barnes claims that other white students have rejected her after finding out that she was poor. She also alleges that the Hamilton Student Assembly has diversity when compared with the proportion of students on campus, but insists that this diversity only exists on the surface.

“When white men make up more than a third of all conversations, they override the voices of other representatives by infringing on their space to speak,” explained the former class representative. “This creates a hostile environment. Moreover, not only do white men fill conversational space with their predominant voices, but they also take up physical space in the way they sit and how they rudely shut others down.”

So white males make up a third of the conversations while representing about a third of the student assembly? Shocker. And I don't know about you, but all this "manspreading" has got to stop. 

“It creates a power dynamic that makes people who are not white and/or male feel uncomfortable and/or anxious about speaking up,” she said. “The most important part of the matter is that people are being silenced.”

Just who is being "silenced" if white males only make up a third of the conversations? It's amazing that the student can read others minds and glean "uncomfortable" and "anxious" feelings about white males.

Where does this kind of hysterical, exaggerated overreaction come from? I think it's safe to say that little girls like this have been socialized from birth to fear white males and its been made worse by an atmosphere on campus that coddles and encourages this worldview. The little girl is rewarded for being a loon. Ergo, lunatic thoughts and feelings about non-existent physical and emotional threats are reinforced on a daily basis. Soon, reality is subsumed by what we used to call a "false consciousness" that is shared by so many.

There's no "fix" for this. Either the victim grows out of their paranoia and enters the real world upon graduation or they remain stuck in a perpetual bubble of fantasy that retards their emotional maturity. 

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