Wampum Woman Warren strikes it rich, goes for the mother lode

Elizabeth Warren, the fake pink-and-gold Indian (cripes, just look at her photo!) darling of progressives, has struck it rich again, this time not from house-flippingaffirmative action-whoring, a no-show job at Harvard, or portfolio-sharking, but this time with a Beltway-insider staple, a big-bucks book deal about why she didn't run for president. With her, it's all about making money doing little or nothing. That's how she rolls.

As for her new book, once again about doing nothing, Andrew Malcolm sums it up best:

Elizabeth Warren answers a question no one has really asked.

Malcolm correctly points out that Warren is probably running for president this time, positioning herself early to get an advance on the pack.  So she's written a low-substance book on why she didn't run for office last time, having little better that that to say for herself.  Still playing the same old Washington power games and identifying new ways to make money.  That sums her up in a nutshell.  Injun Liz, once again, is going for the wampum.

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