Reopen cases against corrupt leftists

In late November of last year, I cautioned against the dangers of letting loathsome leftists like Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner walk free from the prospect of investigation by an administration which would not shamelessly shill for them.  President-Elect Trump was trying to offer an olive branch, but any offer of peace to the left is sneered at as a sign of weakness, rather as President Carter's good faith gestures to the Soviet Union were snickered at in the Kremlin. The nadir of honesty in the federal government was reached in the hyper-politicized Obama presidency.  The IRS was used shamelessly to punish conservative groups.  The Department of Justice opened countless "cases" against utterly innocent groups whose offense was to challenge the orthodoxies of leftism.  Indeed, it seemed at times as if the Obama administration viewed the whole federal government as little more than a scourge to be used against Americans who did not follow the...(Read Full Post)