Remember when personal conduct did not affect your job?

Back in 1998-99, many Democrats and liberals defended President Clinton.  My favorite defense was that President Clinton's private behavior did not affect his job – i.e., "look at your 401-K!" – and the unemployment rate was something I heard about on TV back then! I find this interesting, because Bill O'Reilly's alleged personal conduct did not affect his job, either.  After all, his ratings never dropped. This is why I've grown so skeptical of any public figure accused of sexual harassment, especially when we hear about them on The New York Times. Back in the summer of 1998, when many of us were caught up in the McGwire-Sosa home run chase, this is how some women of the left reacted to the allegations against President Clinton.   This is how the late Marjorie Williams explained it back then: Their excuses range from the procedural stonewall ("What is important for the American people to...(Read Full Post)