Patriots: Heads up regarding Georgia!

Candidly, I have taken a small break from my intense political activism.  Mary and I are preparing to move to West Virginia, where it is cold and the mountainous winding roads do a number on my stomach.  Our parents are up in years, and we feel led to move close to them.  We have been consumed with moving issues – boxes, etc. My dear friends at Conservative Campaign Committee emailed me on their campaign to Defeat Jon Ossoff.  Quoting Michael Corleone in Godfather III, "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."  The CCC email exposing how the Dems are using the Georgia special election got my blood boiling, pulling me back in from my political hiatus. Folks, we cannot just sit this one out.  The Democrats are using this special election to test the strength of their spoiled-brat anti-Trump backlash.  Ossoff is the poster boy of their anti-Trump resistance. The Dems have pumped $4 million into their effort to...(Read Full Post)