On trial for waving Old Glory

Imagine a trial where an honorable veteran must prove he displayed not a placard, but an American flag. The trial will take place on Tuesday, April 18, and we can show our support for Old Glory and the veteran who represents us by displaying the American flag – at our residence, at work, close to our heart. As reported by the Daily Mail, "[t]he charges were filed under the Obama Administration and Rosebrock's legal counsel hopes the Trump administration, and in particular attorney general Jeff Sessions, will see his actions differently." Well, if it were to turn out that Old Glory is now just "a placard," the American flag would officially become the symbol of American Dystopia. There is no transition from political repression to democracy other than the truth.  In Franz Kafka's words, we must "start with what is right rather than what is acceptable."  Dystopia is not even "acceptable"; rather, it is the...(Read Full Post)