More Kennedy comparisons, this time in France

Within minutes, many in the media were comparing Emmanuel Macron of France to the late President Kennedy: Meanwhile, a vice president of the European Parliament has described Macron as a "French John F Kennedy" and said his first-round victory is good news for Europe. Alexander Lambsdorff, a German liberal politician, said Sunday's result was a victory for two protest candidates.  He described Le Pen as "a nationalist, a racist – I know the woman from the European Parliament, a very unpleasant person". Lambsdorff told German television on Monday that he hopes Macron, "this independent, fresh French John F Kennedy, if you like, succeeds in setting policy with his ideas". Wonder how long before they call Miss Le Pen "Le Nixon"! It goes beyond France.  Back in 1994, a 40-something Mexican presidential candidate was assassinated during a campaign stop in a northern state.  Later that evening, I...(Read Full Post)