More Kennedy comparisons, this time in France

Within minutes, many in the media were comparing Emmanuel Macron of France to the late President Kennedy:

Meanwhile, a vice president of the European Parliament has described Macron as a "French John F Kennedy" and said his first-round victory is good news for Europe.

Alexander Lambsdorff, a German liberal politician, said Sunday's result was a victory for two protest candidates. 

He described Le Pen as "a nationalist, a racist – I know the woman from the European Parliament, a very unpleasant person".

Lambsdorff told German television on Monday that he hopes Macron, "this independent, fresh French John F Kennedy, if you like, succeeds in setting policy with his ideas".

Wonder how long before they call Miss Le Pen "Le Nixon"!

It goes beyond France.  Back in 1994, a 40-something Mexican presidential candidate was assassinated during a campaign stop in a northern state.  Later that evening, I tuned in to a TV station from Mexico, and it didn't take long for the panel to refer to him as "el Kennedy mejicano."  I think the panel confused Bobby, shot during a campaign, and John, who was killed as president.  Let's overlook that!

Of course, the late John F. Kennedy had very little in common with a left-of-center French politician in 2017.  My guess is that the late President Kennedy would have agreed with Miss Le Pen that Mr. Macron is weak on fighting terror.

We will never know for sure, but it is amazing how every 40-something political figure of the left is now the new Kennedy.  Of course, Kennedy was not really from the left, but we will leave that one to historians.

Let the French elect another leader who doesn't have the courage to deal with their structural problems: no babies, an unsustainable welfare state, and an immigration policy creating chaos within its boundaries.

If elected, Macron will be highly unpopular in months, and some French leftist will regret that he isn't more like Kennedy!

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