Matt Lauer, Democratic frontman

On The Today Show Thursday, Matt Lauer asked Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin if he would raise his right hand and swear that Trump's tax cut proposal would not increase the deficit. Neither Lauer nor any other newsperson asked Obama, any of his Cabinet, or any Democrat to raise his right hand and swear that all the spending on Obamacare would not increase the deficit, that everyone could keep their plans and doctors if they liked them, and premiums would go down.  Those all proved to be bald-faced lies. When it was determined that deficits would actually be increased by over $1 trillion because of Obamacare, not once did Matt Lauer ask Democrats how those massive shortfalls would be paid for. Basically, the only time Matt Lauer or another mainstream reporter cares about the deficit is if a Republican advocates allowing people and businesses to keep more of the money they earned (not the government) to spend as they like. Maybe Matt Lauer should voluntarily...(Read Full Post)