Looking for a Brazilian politician free of scandal

Don't be surprised if your Brazilian friends refer to every politician as a crook.  Frankly, they've got good reasons to reach that conclusion. Down in Brazil, where the last president was impeached for corruption, the new man is now sitting under a huge cloud of his own. This is from Simon Romero of The New York Times: A judge on Brazil's Supreme Court authorized new corruption investigations on Tuesday involving dozens of the country's most powerful politicians, dealing yet another blow to the beleaguered government of President Michel Temer. The ruling by Justice Luiz Edson Fachin allows federal prosecutors to start new inquiries of at least eight ministers in Mr. Temer's cabinet, including his chief of staff, Eliseu Padilha, and his foreign minister, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, as well as much of the Senate. Altogether, this means that nearly a third of the cabinet and nearly a third of the Senate will be the target of inquiries in...(Read Full Post)