Liberal mom runs into pervert in 'transgender' bathroom

Kristen Quintrall, a self-identified liberal, admits that her run-in with a pervert in a public restroom made her rethink her position on the whole transgender bathroom crusade. The "horrifying" (her word) incident took place in what should have been a safe place: Disneyland – "The Happiest Place on Earth," according to the sign outside the amusement park in Orange County. Ms. Quintrall recalls that she and numerous other mothers were shocked at the site of a "big burly" man entering the crowded restroom, acting nonchalant about the intrusion.  He then proceeded to act like a peeping Tom, shamelessly lingering around the stalls – trying to gape at the sights between the cracks in the doors.  Not one mother in the long line uttered a peep (no pun intended).  They simply clutched their children closer to their sides, while another mother at the diaper-changing station repositioned her body to shield her infant from the...(Read Full Post)