Liberal mom runs into pervert in 'transgender' bathroom

Kristen Quintrall, a self-identified liberal, admits that her run-in with a pervert in a public restroom made her rethink her position on the whole transgender bathroom crusade.

The "horrifying" (her word) incident took place in what should have been a safe place: Disneyland – "The Happiest Place on Earth," according to the sign outside the amusement park in Orange County.

Ms. Quintrall recalls that she and numerous other mothers were shocked at the site of a "big burly" man entering the crowded restroom, acting nonchalant about the intrusion.  He then proceeded to act like a peeping Tom, shamelessly lingering around the stalls – trying to gape at the sights between the cracks in the doors.  Not one mother in the long line uttered a peep (no pun intended).  They simply clutched their children closer to their sides, while another mother at the diaper-changing station repositioned her body to shield her infant from the prying eyes of the male intruder.

"If this had been five years ago," Ms. Quintrall wrote on her social media page, "[y]ou bet… every woman in there would've been like 'Umm what are you doing here?'"  Of course, Ms. Quintrall puts forth her trustworthy credentials as a "very progressive mother."  She wants to "be clear… This was totally a man. This wasn't a man... transitioning via surgery and hormones."  Wasn't that obvious to everyone? 

Therefore, she was left wondering why "every single one of us [in the restroom] was silent[.]"  One might consider a more pressing question.  Why would responsible mothers put their P.C. credentials before the safety and welfare of their children?  And let's not leave out giving Mr. Peeping Tom free rein to openly violate the privacy of women and children with their pants around their ankles engaging in what they thought were private acts behind locked doors. 

Ms. Quintrall did not wish to be thought of as an "intolerant [a------]," especially at the "Happiest Place on Earth," she wrote on her blog.  She knows that conservatives are raked over the coals for denying the Caitlyn Jenner(s) of the world access to women's bathrooms, and called the "b" word for it: "bigot."

But we are living in a new age. Now we know everyone is a racist because of unconscious bias and that everything is racist because of systemic racism, according to the Thought Police turning our culture into a left-wing seminary.  Some may argue that this "unconscious bias" is like chasing ghosts: how can we identify behavior that's inaccessible to the conscious mind?  Got that?  If this bias ever spills over into the real world, we can all fight it together.

None of this stops Ms. Quintrall from arriving at a perfectly liberal solution.  "We can't leave this situation ambiguous any more," she writes on her blog.  "The gender debate needs to be addressed… There have to be guidelines."

Tragically, Ms. Quintrall is torn by her conscience.  She unwittingly had assumed the role of "bystander," allowing the sexually aberrant behavior of a peeping Tom to take place while she and other politically correct mothers stood by – allowing the perversion to take place before their very eyes.

Ironically, I teach an anti-bullying course to 5th- and 6th-graders that is designed for them to step outside the role most people play when terrible things happen: "bystander."  Perhaps Ms. Quintrall would find it illuminating to hear the same question I put forth to the children who are invited to shout out their "yes" or "no" answer: "If I'm just standing there – not doing anything – am I helping the bully?" 

All things considered, Ms. Quintrall boils the argument down to "gender just can't be a feeling."  I feel for Ms. Quintrall: she is living in an alternate universe where it is increasingly more difficult to make sense of life looking through a P.C. lens, which tends to fog up all sense of right and wrong.