Ivanka should be criticized politically, not sexually

The scene was too much for Fox News reporter Jesse Watters.  Ivanka Trump was holding a big microphone in her dainty hand and held it perilously close to her mouth.  She looked almost like she was nibbling on it as she talked into it.

Jesse Watters, the Bill O'Reilly protégé who recently moved to the 9 p.m. slot on Fox News as a host of the "The Five," made a comment on Tuesday that critics saw as a lewd joke directed at Ivanka Trump. ".... I don't really get what's going on here, but I really liked how she was speaking into that microphone."

Watters denied he was making a joke about Ms. Trump performing oral sex, but I am skeptical.

Now, it is true that for years, Ivanka has used her body and her sexuality to get ahead in the business world.  See the photo below of a slick, greased up Ivanka in a tight bathing suit holding a very phallic drill.

But that is still no justification for making sexual jokes about her.

Ivanka does deserve criticism, however, for her left-leaning politics and the way she has made her father tilt to the left.

Ivanka made her microphone mistake at a conference in Germany, where she spoke about "women's entrepreneurship."

First daughter Ivanka Trump discussed female entrepreneurship, her father and feminism at the W20 Summit in Berlin on Tuesday, joining a panel that included German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Netherlands' Queen Maxima.

Feminism was a central topic on the panel[.] ... "I do label myself a feminist, and I do think of that in broad terms," she said later.

Discussing her father, Trump said the president agrees with her about the need to empower women, saying that he had encouraged her "to fully lean into this opportunity and come into the White House and be by his side" – and to take part in discussions like the Women20 Summit.

Whom else do we know who talked constantly about women, to the exclusion of all else?  Hillary Clinton!  She engaged in the worst form of identity politics, constantly peppering her speeches with mentions of women, just to get their votes.

Ivanka is not trying to get votes, but she does want to be liked and admired by the liberal media, so she is doing the exact same thing as Hillary.

Ivanka claims to be passionate about "female entrepreneurship."  How is female entrepreneurship different from male entrepreneurship?  Are there different rules of economics for women?  Do women-owned businesses have different kinds of balance sheets?  Are women mentally inferior, so that they need special help starting businesses that men don't?

How many women were helped to start a business from Ivanka's presence at this conference?  How many women need help specifically from a woman to start a business and can't learn from the same sources everyone else does?

You see, once you start asking questions, Ivanka's "women empowerment" effort looks like a sham.  All that's missing is the tax-free foundation Hillary had to solicit money while she worked in government.  Wait a minute – Ivanka is doing that, too:

Ivanka Trump told Axios on Wednesday that she was working to start a "massive fund" with donations from both nations and companies to boost female entrepreneurship. Immediately, the prospect of Ivanka Trump founding and directing her own global foundation, and soliciting foreign donations, while also shaping foreign policy, set off a firestorm.

Ivanka Trump has a very senior position advising the president.  How is it going to look if she asks people who do business with the government to donate to a fund she is affiliated with?  Will businesses donate with the expectation of getting favors from the Trump administration?  You bet!

Ivanka's just like Hillary: the emphasis on divisive identity politics and now the sleaze.  Trump promised to drain the swamp, but Ivanka herself is part of it.

Ivanka Trump is a liberal.  She is pushing Trump to take in more Syrian refugees, which may explain why Trump, after promising on the campaign trail not to take in any more of them, is not only admitting them at a faster rate than Obama but is taking Syrian refugees bound for Australia as well.

There's plenty to criticize Ivanka for.  She's like a young Hillary Clinton clone.  Let's just keep the sex out of it.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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