Iran’s election, and forbidden enthusiasm toward the West

With 24 remaining before Iran's presidential elections, Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei prohibited Iran's six presidential candidates from looking outside Iran's borders for economic development, in a public speech on April 25, 2017. But that was exactly what was being discussed in Iran's debates. None of the candidates are openly willing to turn toward the West. However, they expressed concern for the economic problems of the nation in a way that suggested engagement with the West would be inevitable. Vice president Eshagh Jahangiri, one of the banned candidates, recently said: “Unemployment is a challenge cloud in Iran. The unemployment rate in some regions is up to 30 percent.” He added: “this rate for women sometimes is doubled.” Despite his constant effort to show economic development records, President Hassan Rouhani made a strange comment this week: “I never promised to solve economic problems in 100 days, because...(Read Full Post)