How many of Trump's '100 Days' promises has he kept?

Donald Trump put together a list of promises he would keep when elected president, not merely by the end of his first term but specifically by the end of his first 100 days in office in his "100 day action plan". How many of these promises has he kept? I have rated the results below on a scale from 1-5 Bannons (more Bannons are good) to 1-5 Kushners (more Kushners are bad). Appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court: When running for President Trump produced a list of conservative judges and promised to pick the next justice from that list. Neil Gorsuch was on that list. Trump did exactly as he promised in a very timely fashion, and keeping this promise was extremely important because the balance of the Supreme Court was at stake. Rating: 5 Bannons. Tax reform. Trump promised to introduce legislation to reduce taxes within his first 100 days. He has failed to do that, instead producing a vague outline of goals, which would reduce corporate tax rates drastically...(Read Full Post)