GOP sweating two special congressional elections

National Republicans are worried about two special congressional elections that became necessary when President Trump named the incumbents to his Cabinet. In Georgia's 6th district, a vacancy was created when Trump named Rep. Tom Price to helm HHS.  The district is nominally Republican, with Trump carrying the suburban Atlanta seat by a narrow margin over Hillary Clinton. But real trouble might come today in Kansas 4 as the race to fill the seat left unoccupied by Rep. Mike Pompeo's being named CIA director.  The seat was considered "safe GOP" by most election watchers, but several outlets, including Roll Call, have downgraded the race to "likely GOP." The vagaries of predicting turnout in a special election plus the avalanche of anti-Trump coverage in the media make this race a crap shoot. In Georgia, the difference may be Democrat money pouring in from out of state. Former Capitol Hill aide Jon Ossoff, 30, is riding...(Read Full Post)