Funny how no 'unmasking' was done for the Hillary campaign

Why hasn't anyone asked James Clapper, James Comey, or Susan Rice why no calls were inadvertently picked up on Hillary Clinton or any of her campaign team?  If the government had been worried about collusion, wouldn't they have listened in on both sides?

Former national security adviser Susan Rice went to that probing investigative reporter Andrea Mitchell for her only interview.  Mitchell asked Rice if the leaking or unmasking was done for political reasons.  Rice was offended, and she said no one from the Obama administration would dream of doing that for political reasons.  Then Mitchell said, did you leak anything?, and the brilliant Rice said, I didn't leak nothing on nobody.  Andrea then must have thought, I did my job, and we know Susan has never lied before. 

CNN and a lot of the media aren't covering the Rice story at all, but when the Associated Press, the New York Times, and others report it, many say the Trump administration is trying to divert attention from the Trump-Russia collusion story.  The media present the Trump-Russia collusion story as true even though there is absolutely nothing yet to show that.  They present the claim that Trump was spied on as a false story even though we have 100% proof that Trump people were listened to and that the information was leaked to the press. 

Anyone who believes that Trump wasn't specifically targeted for political reasons probably still believes that the Benghazi killings were caused by a video, that Obama had no idea the IRS was targeting political opponents, that Obama had no idea Hillary was violating the law by using a non-secure server until three years after she left, that Obama had no idea his administration was gun-running to Mexico, and that Hillary and her aides had no intent to break the law.

The media and Democrats should be absolutely ashamed that they haven't had any concern about facts for a long time.  If there is any collusion, it is between the media and Democrats to destroy Trump, no matter what the facts are.

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