Feminists worry 'pussy hats' marginalize men disguised as women

A feminist with three names, Phoebe Maltz Bovy (I pity Mr. Bovy), writing in the WaPo, worried that the use of "pussy hats" in anti-Trump demonstrations marginalizes men disguised as women, since men disguised as women do not have vaginas, and "pussy hats" are symbols of vaginas, as well as many feminists' secret desire to be groped by a man as wealthy as Donald Trump. This confuses me, because if a man believes he is a woman, even if he isn't, why can't he also believe he has a vagina, even if he doesn't?  Nevertheless, feminists see this as a serious problem: If women couldn't agree on a moderate Democrat [Hillary, moderate, heh-heh] to become the nation's first female president, what was left? Well, there were vaginas. With Hillary gone, all they were left with was their vaginas. The obvious problem with vagina-motif protest is that it leaves out some women – namely, trans women. Not all women have vaginas,...(Read Full Post)