Enough with the Black Lives Matter nonsense

Okay, so I am in Georgia with the Conservative Campaign Committee team working to defeat far-left radical Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election for the GOP congressional seat.  Our CCC team was standing on a street corner, waving "Defeat Ossoff" signs. A black female pedestrian approached one of our team members to say she likes Ossoff because he believes that "Black Lives Matter."  She asked our white team member if he supports Black Lives Matter.  Our guy politely replied that he believes that all lives matter.  The woman seemed okay with his response. But folks, I have got to tell you, her questioning my patriot brother annoyed me.  It is absurd to be running around in 2017 America polling about whether or not black lives matter.  For crying out loud, a black guy ran our country for the past eight years.  Oprah is worth over a billion dollars, and so on. It is absurd to say Americans do not cherish black...(Read Full Post)