Does EJ Dionne really know what he's talking about?

I find it amusing that the media don't understand what Trump's foreign policy is.  Just take a look at E.J. Dionne, Jr., who is flopping all over the place trying to interpret through his left-wing lens what Trump is trying to accomplish.  All he has for reference is President Obama's weathervane presidency, which has always pointed south.  The former president did nothing but lead from behind, which meant he never led.  If Valerie Jarrett didn't tell him what to do, he did nothing, and it showed.  Trump, by contrast, adapts.  He looks as though he is absolutely focused on defeating the enemy.  That's too complex for Dionne, and he still hasn't got a clue.  But I believe I do. Unlike Obama, Trump is allowing the Pentagon to determine what military action to take to defeat our enemies.  They are going after ISIS, al-Qaeda, Syria, and North Korea at the same time while trying to hold China's...(Read Full Post)