Democrat base demands 'dumbest' filibuster in Senate history

The Democrats' expected filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch may be the "dumbest" in the Senate's history, as Rich Lowry writes at the New York Post, but it's all about keeping their agitated base at bay. Nate Silver, writing at, as posted at Real Clear Politics, makes the case that while the "Democrats' political endgame is unclear" the Gorsuch filibuster "may simply be a sign of the liberal base's increasing influence over the Democratic coalition." Based on data from an outside "Election Study," Silver finds that 69 percent of "politically active Democrats," defined as those who donated, went to meetings, put up signs, and the like, "identified as liberal." These were some of the voters who helped propel Bernie Sanders to almost two dozen primary and caucus victories last year. Silver's article includes a state-by-state table showing the 23 Democrat senators up for...(Read Full Post)