Cyber-analyst: No evidence to connect Guccifer 2.0 to Russian DNC hack

At the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on March 30, during testimony from experts, Kevin Mandia, chief executive officer of the security technology company FireEye, said the following in response to Senator Lankford asking if there is any connection between Guccifer 2 and the alleged Russian breach of the DNC server: "We cannot connect all the dots from the breach, at least with the observables available to my company and our investigators. We can't go from breach, and leaked data, to suddenly Guccifer 2.0.  We just don't have the means to do that."  The Intelligence Committee has been holding hearings over the past few weeks regarding alleged Russian interference in the election.  New information has surfaced that the committee hasn't reviewed yet, including in the last few days, which was released by WikiLeaks regarding Guccifer 2.0, with the tweet, "Direct Messages from U.S. alleged Russian spy ‪@GUCCIFER_2 to...(Read Full Post)