Clinton aide: Yes, press is biased but tougher on Democrats

Hillary Clinton and her aides continue to shift blame for her defeat everywhere except where it belongs: on Clinton herself.

The latest comes from Hillary's former press spokesperson, who claims that the press has, indeed, a liberal bias, but that only makes reporters tougher on Democrats than Republicans.

Washington Free Beacon:

Former Hillary Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmeri acknowledged Wednesday that the press has a liberal bias, but she claimed that actually makes journalists harder on Democrats in their coverage.

Palmieri spoke alongside former Bush administration spokesman Ari Fleischer at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., as part of a series of panels on "First Amendment challenges in the early days of the Trump administration."

"I think most journalists are probably leaning more to the left than the right," she said. "Think about the kind of person that's drawn to do this as a career. They believe in government, they think politics matters, they like it, they find it interesting, they don't make a lot of money … But what I've found is it means they come after us harder on what I describe as the crap. They come after us harder on the palace intrigue, on the process, on things that really shouldn't matter."

Has Palmieri been reading the newspapers lately about "palace intrigue" in the Trump White House? 

Moderator Mike Allen, the founder of Axios, relayed that she said backstage that the press was more likely to be tougher on Democrats in general.

"I think in general they are," she said, telling a story near the end of Bill Clinton's administration where the press was on the White House's case about rising gas prices.

"I said if President Bush were president, you guys wouldn't be coming after him on gas prices, and they were like, ‘Well, no, because he's a Republican, he doesn't think that he should weigh in and fix gas prices, but you're Democrats, you're supposed to solve problems!'" she said.

She went on to say there was a "different metric" applied to Democrats by the press.

What she really means is that the press reports on stuff that Democrats don't think need to be reported on – which includes just about anything that makes them look bad. 

Would the press really have given George Bush a pass on rising gas prices?  It's delusional thinking to believe that.  It's entirely possible that the press would have created the perception that Bush wanted gas prices to rise to please his friends in the oil industry.  That's something the media would never do to a Democrat president, no matter his ties to fossil fuel companies.

What makes Palmieri's worldview so warped is that she really believes that crap.  It must be comforting to know that it wasn't the Clinton campaign's incompetence or their candidate's undesirability with the voters that cost them a victory.

It was the media giving a pass to Donald Trump and coming down on Hillary that lost them the election.


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