Who's where in the media? Sharyl Attkisson has a list...

Now here's a list from estimable investigative report Sharyl Attkisson about where the major press leans ideologically.  Nice to see that one publication with the masthead matching the one here, right there in the center on the right side, situated between The Economist and National Review.



Attkisson asked for advice on tweaking the chart as to the placements, which I can helpfully offer for starters: The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Economist, and Forbes can all move a couple of ticks leftward.  Daily Beast can move several ticks left.  Meanwhile, The Hill, RealClearPolitics, the Daily Signal, and the Daily Caller can probably move a tick or two to the right.  Readers are encouraged to help her out with their own takes if they are so inclined.

But what's most significant is how many new media organizations are being included in her list of most influential news carriers. American Thinker, along with several other emerging publications, such as Hot Air and Zero Hedge (and many others), has come to supplant the traditional mainstream media as readers turn to alternatives.  And it's becoming impossible to ignore, as Attkisson's chart demonstrates.

Nice to see American Thinker so recognized.  Thanks, Sharyl Attkisson.