Black Lives Matter shouts down 'War on Cops' author

Author Heather Mac Donald, whose book War on Cops shows how activists have attempted to tie the hands of police in several cities, was shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters during a lecture by Mac Donald at UCLA. College Fix: A speech by Heather Mac Donald at UCLA on Wednesday frequently descended into chaos as Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the stage and chanted their signature phrase over and over, and also took over portions of the Q&A with angry accusations and raucous shouting, a video of the event shows. Mac Donald, a Manhattan Institute scholar who spoke on campus at the behest of the Bruin Republicans to give a "Blue Lives Matter" talk about her 2016 book "The War on Cops," appeared to be able to largely get through the first half of her speech without much dissension. But when she opened the floor to questions, the uproar began. The chants launched, with several people taking over the floor at...(Read Full Post)