Assange will be watching Ecuador's election results

My late father taught me to follow Latin American elections on La Voz de America, the Spanish edition of Voice of America.  He would tune in the short wave radio and we would hear reports from correspondents in whatever country was voting.  We listened to a few over the years, such as the historic 1970 election from Chile when a three-way race gave Salvador Allende a controversial plurality victory.  In Cuba, we heard the Kennedy funeral that way. On Sunday, Ecuador will hold a presidential election.  So far, the polls are too close the call.  The candidates represent the left and right, a classic battle of ideas. The left, under President Correa, has lost steam because of an economic slowdown.  Correa cannot run for re-election, so Lenin Moreno is representing his side.  A leftist with the first name of Lenin? Sunday's election will mean a great deal for that fellow Assange whom we've seen in our news report lately.  His...(Read Full Post)
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