What the Obama era's memorial to veterans looks like

Have you ever heard about Mr. Wendell Brown?  Well, it is unlikely, because he was a homeless veteran who died as "everyone's favorite poet" in California's Brentwood.

Brentwood, a wealthy enclave that abuts Beverly Hills, is the home to a huge 388-acre property deeded in 1888 to be used "exclusively by homeless and disabled veterans."  But at the time of Wendell's tortured life and death, this property was serving as a dog park, and hosted a school for kids of the local elites.  This setup is what West Los Angeles Veteran Affairs has insultingly called "shared agreements."

So it's ironic that while Wendell and his co-veterans fought for survival as homeless people in conditions unworthy of a POW camp, property set aside for veterans was padlocked and made more accessible to canine pets than to homeless human beings.

Wendell died, but he has a statue, something the local doyens praise themselves for by declaring that he "now has a permanent home in the spot he had occupied for years" – alive and homeless.

As the Obama era's Los Angeles leftovers, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the local VA-ristocrats (in their unlimited hypocrisy) ponder on other commemorations, why not a monument for all the "unknown veterans"?  For that, we will need a suitable inscription. How about:

Here lies an Obama-era fallen veteran, who died homeless, starving, and exposed for hate crimes in his own country, while President Obama and Mayor Garcetti worried about Syrian refugees and the local VA brokered "shared agreements."

Let's continue.

Have you ever heard of Mr. Bob Rosebrock?  Probably not – because the mass media won't talk about the Obama's administration final and very symbolic act of vengeance against veteran whistleblowers.  Apart from being a Vietnam-era veteran, he has in Brentwood much in common with Mr. Brown.

The pet hate of Los Angeles pillars of left establishment – the Henry Waxmans, the Dianne Feinsteins, and others – Robert Rosebrock and the honorable Old Veterans Guard have for years fought for homeless veterans' right to their property and to dignified treatment.  Rosebrock's hawk-eyed veterans spotted not only every homeless warrior who should not have been left behind, but every "sharing agreement," every shady meeting behind closed doors, and every tattered flag that the VA forgot to honor.

Rosebrock is set to stand trial with his co-defendant: the American flag.  Obama's VA took a swing at this veteran for displaying national flag, and as a result, Old Glory will have to prove it is not "a placard."

So after decades of unmasking corruption and cronyism, Captain Rosebrock has "finally" committed a "crime" so serious that he is threatened with six months in jail?  Betcha local swamp dwellers would prefer to commemorate Bob with a golden statue, too, to dealing with him alive and kicking. 

What is the final message of Obama's VA to American veterans about this flag trial?  "You will be jailed if you love your Old Placard"?

I hope the Kafkaesque trial (April 18) will end with President Trump's message to all those who disrespect America's flag and American veterans, and that for the veteran community, Obama's era will finally end.

A WW2 hero taught me: "Never justify war crimes.  Do not trust those who benefited from the war.  Only those who fought and suffered are trustworthy."  I hope President Donald Trump hears this message, too, and recognizes that the sacrifice of our veterans will no longer be taken for granted.

Isn't it time for this existing anti-veteran regime to end?

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