Totalitarian snowflakes drive Australian brewery to confess to a thought crime for hosting a civil debate on a public issue

Sponsoring a video featuring an honest, polite debate over a significant public issue landed the largest Australian-owned brewery in a P.R. nightmare, facing boycotts and a major loss of business.  One side of the debate – powerful, organized, angry, and adamant – simply was not interested in letting the other side be heard.

As a result, a humiliating confession and apology video was issued, and the offending civil discussion video was sent to the Memory Hole.

At this point, many readers will have guessed which public issue is at the heart of this imbroglio: same-sex marriage.  Bill Muehlenberg explains:

... a brief video on homosexual marriage was put out by the Bible Society of Australia in conjunction with Coopers Brewery. A very civil debate featuring two Liberals (one a homosexual in favour of it, one a heterosexual against it) was a light-hearted and friendly bit of discussion about this key issue.

But the homosexual lobby – as always – went absolutely ballistic, bombarding Coopers with abuse and hate mail, demanding that they repent immediately and totally withdraw from the entire event. And sure enough, the cowards at Coopers did just that, putting out a slobbering act of confession and contrition, reminiscent of the early Communist show trials.

They not only renounced the entire project, including a commemoration of 200 years of the BSA, but they said they will now do even much more to push the homosexual agenda. So the boot licking is complete, as they have realised how evil they were to actually encourage civil debate. This 90 second minute video features Tim and Melanie Cooper with their complete and total capitulation to the homosexual bullies: 

The left-leaning Australian, a national newspaper, catalogued some of the abuse hurled at Coopers, a family-owned brewery in Adelaide:

Melbourne activist Michael Barnett, who said he was a campaigner for human rights and equality, sent a trail of expletive-ridden tweets directed at the company: "Your statement is [b-------]. My life is not up for a light-hearted debate. [F---] you. [F---] YOU."

Gay parenting activist Rodney Chiang-Cruise joined a boycott of Coopers beer that also saw pubs in Sydney and Melbourne stop selling the company's products. "Do you drink Coopers beer? Well don't. They have exposed themselves as homo/transphobic [f----]," he tweeted.

Writer Catherine Deveny posted what she described as "beer advice needed for people who used to drink Coopers before they found out they're [c----]".

The website explains the particular vulnerability of Coopers:

Coopers was/is looking down the barrel of a huge loss of business. Not mentioned is that apart from its SA [the state of South Australia] stronghold, its main customer base is young and progressive, and it is the bog standard in many Inner city pubs/gay clubs in the east coast capitals. The loss of business from this disaster was apparently dire: some gay and gay friendly clubs/pubs have accounts with Coopers in excess of $500,000 a year, some of which have now cancelled these orders (most would have been following suit)[.]


Muhlenberg aptly sums it up:

If anything is absolutely crystal clear by now, it is this: those who scream the most about diversity, acceptance and tolerance are the most intolerant folks around. The secular left in general and the militant homosexual lobby in particular are obvious and blatant examples of this.

They are not in the least bit interested in allowing actual debate and discussion to take place about any of their sacrosanct agenda items. We either agree fully with what they are pushing, or we must sit down and shut up. There is no middle ground here.

Aggressive snowflakes are a global phenomenon: people claiming to be victims and using that status as a source of power to bully those who disagree with them.  It is a power as evanescent as that of the Wizard of Oz: once people decline to honor the superiority of victimhood, it evaporates.  But standing up to the snowflakes means experiencing temporary pain.  A family-owned company in a declining business (beer is a stagnant, at best, industry) is not in a position to act as champion.  Nor is any large company that lives or dies with quarterly earnings results.

For now, the wannabe victims are able to bully others and win.  With no end in sight.  Yet.

Hat tip: John McMahon

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