What kind of wife lets her husband go to cross-dressing school?

NPR had a segment about a man who went to a cross-dressing "school" to learn how to act and dress like a girl. But the truly astounding part of the story was that the wife approved! (Source: the audio on this webpage, not the text).

When Pat arrives, he looks like your typical soccer dad. But when he walks out of here, he will walk out as "Bianca", a sassy strawberry blonde.

Pat: "I consider myself the typical straight married man who from time to time really likes to get dressed up and look pretty."

Pat came to the school with the support of his wife of 15 years.

Wife: "It's definitely stress relief for him. It helps him have more balance in his life, and all that is good, it's good for me as his wife, it's good for my children...."

I checked out the website of "Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls."

They charge about $200-$250 an hour to dress men up as women.

Here's one of the "courses," "Miracle Miss":

Miracle Miss includes everything in the Sudden Beauty Seminar - make-up, wigs-clothing - with the addition of a 45 minute walking and posing lesson with our dean of high heels. There’s more time for everything, more clothes, more photos, or you can opt for second elective such as a lesson with the dean of voice, wig care with our dean of ‘do’s, or female sexual energy with Miss Vera. 

Photos? The perfect thing to post on Facebook!

And how does a man experience "female sexual energy"? Do they teach him how to be a male lesbian?

In another "class", they teach men how to talk and even wiggle like girls

We prepare you with lessons similar to the 4 hour Miracle Miss: makeover and dressing, plus voice pointers and a walking lesson with emphasis on outdoor challenges. 

There are even electives:

 Besides walking class, electives can include: female sexual energy, voice class, ballet one and tutu. 

And courses on how to use a taxi:

Special emphasis on outdoor challenges of sidewalks and taxis, as well as navigating through department store dressing rooms and trendy boutiques.

These courses last a few hours and generally cost hundreds of dollars.

Exit question:

1) To my female readers: if your boyfriend or husband wanted to go to transvestite school, would you agree to send him, knowing how good it would be for you and your kids?

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