Trump admin provides welcome good news on nuclear waste

The decision by the Trump administration to spend $120 million to restart the process to use Nevada's Yucca Mountain to safely and permanently store radioactive waste is great news.  If Congress agrees, and it must, President Trump's plan will implement a law enacted by a bipartisan Congress and signed by President Reagan and will create high-paying jobs – 3,650 during construction (as $228 million is added annually to Nevada's economy) and over 2,000 during operations (as $127 million annually goes into the economy) – while saving taxpayers billions of dollars.  It will also prevent the use of these materials in acts of terrorism. The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, which President Ronald Reagan signed into law, ordered the safe storage and disposal of radioactive waste.  In 1987, Nevada's Yucca Mountain was selected as the best site after decades of Intensive Site Characterization Studies.  Then, from 1987 to 2002, the U.S....(Read Full Post)