The Middlebury riot and the fall of higher education

If you want to know what a $280,000 investment will buy your son or daughter at an elite liberal arts college, then you can study the behavior of the intolerant leftist monsters at Middlebury College last week.  Invited speaker Charles Murray, author of many books, including Coming Apart, which explained and predicted the Trump phenomenon six years ago, and his faculty colleague were shouted down, assaulted, and threatened by the students who felt "marginalized" and under attack from his many books they had not read.  They were encouraged in their "behavior" by many faculty and alumni.  Until this week, I thought being marginalized  at Middlebury meant being relegated to the slalom event on the ski team. Will this be a turning point in how administrators deal with their adolescent fascists?  How many Middlebury students do you expect to be suspended or expelled?  Please stop laughing. Charles Lipson, of the University of...(Read Full Post)