The Freedom Caucus: Our last line of defense

Unless Trump is coordinating an end-around, this is a huge (yuge) mistake.  Here's why. While Donald Trump drew in countless new, historically Democrat voters, his base was and is the conservatives, formally defined as the Tea Party.  The Tea Party came onto the scene at the outset of the Obamacare debate in Congress.  They made the case (rightly) that Obamacare would inflate premiums, cause patients to lose their doctors and plans, decrease full-time jobs in favor of part-time employment, and add countless persons to the Medicare rolls.  All of these cautions (and more) came to fruition. "Repeal and replace" has been a rallying call for millions of Americans, including a large majority of those who voted for Donald Trump.  Countless congressmen and senators won seats by affirming their support of the repeal and replace efforts. Nothing, or very little, anyway, of last week's debate – and, subsequently, the bill being...(Read Full Post)